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Detecting Screensaver
XP Deus style detecting screensaver.
(Windows Only)

Detecting six artefacts / coins. The finds move around the screen , when they come into contact the detector will sound off.
Please Note: Your AV software may give a warning due to the screensaver being an EXE installer and an unsigned publisher.
I use only the best AV software on my PC (Mcafee & Malwarebytes - both are fully up-to-date). Just ignore any warnings.
This software is FREEWARE and you may make as many copies as you wish or distribute. DO NOT SELL IT TO OTHERS. Thank you.

Download Detecting.Zip
Staffordshire Hoard Screensaver
A screensaver with a few images from the Staffordshire Hoard, all photos are copyright and I have made this screensaver using their terms of service and covered by the Creative Commons Licence. Providing  you or I do not charge for this screensaver we are entitled to distribute this screensaver. You might have your antivirus software detect that this is an unwanted program or virus. Please ignore this as the program is not digitally signed, to do so would cost over £180 - £800.  I hope you enjoy the screensaver. Click here to download StaffsHoard.
Copyright HistoryHunter
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