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Tip:  Activation of Windows XP Home Editions.
This activation method should work for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

OK, right from the start I had bought a Toshiba Equium 110-233 laptop where all things being equal I would never ever require activation. This unfortunately was untrue due to the fact I was not supplied with an installation disc of Windows XP Home Edition. Toshiba in their wisdom stated that before I use their software disc to create a reset disc/repair disc.  This I had done. The disc became unusuable over time, luckily for me I had a genuine installation disc but no cd key due to losing it.

My original installation disc kept hanging very near the end and the laptop had to be rebooted to complete installation. This caused a problem which when it should have generated an installation code it didn't and just showed a series of  ----------.
Back to the drawing board. I have a genuine CD key but still no way of activation. So, it's problem solving time !

Because I have a genuine Key I just needed a replacement Windows XP Home Edition installation disc. This I found using torrent software, an XP Home Edition with what was supposedly a slipstreamed verion of  XP Home Edition and SP3.  Whoever said it included SP3 it actually had SP1.  OK, burn the image to disc and install. This I did and I was generated an installation ID. Because the online activation server can no longer be accessed you are forced to use a telephone service. Now this is the best bit. Please take note of what I am now going to tell you.
 If you use the Windows option for activating your Windows XP Home Edition it will fail because XP is no longer supported.

Don't despair all is not lost !

All as you have to do to activate your XP Home Edition is use the option that is to activate a game or any other Microsoft product ! This option works and your XP Home Edition will be activated if it is a genuine CD key. I would advise that you find a copy of SP3 off I think it was CNET or one of the big software download companies.  Your IE browser may not work due to the age of the certificate etc. I eventually found an old copy of Netscape Navigator 9.6 which partially worked and pointed me to an old Firefox version and that pointed me to a slightly better updated version which works. Once you have installed the SP3 which is important, you will then be able to download further Windows Updates !. Please leave a good comment and rating if you find my tip helpful to you. Thank you.

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