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Welcome to HistoryHunter's Website

I'm hoping to add some decent content and pictures of any finds that I have had in the past , present and future, god willing. Other content will include videos and photo galleries of my pets and hobbies etc. Unfortunately due to ill health I cannot do metal detecting as much as I'd like to and as each year that goes by I seem to be doing less and less.

Some fields look more promising than others depending on their location. If you research your land and activity in the area you get to know which fields are likely to have good finds. For instance, a farm was once a hall in the 12 and 13th centuries, it had been demolished and rebuilt twice in it's lifetime. Finds  were roman, medieval, civil war and modern. So you see, that was some history from the roman era that wasn't known about if I hadn't found a spindle whorl that was identified as roman. Always expect the unexpected when detecting !!

My phrases :

Metal detecting is like keyhole surgery on the land and extracting finds with precision.

The Time Team with A JCB is more akin to open heart surgery. The top soil they remove could still contain finds even though they don't check it.

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