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It's very nice to have a find identified, some will never be identified due to the rareity of the find. Coins are obviously easy unless it's origin is unknown. Luckily I found a ring with the artist name and was able to trace where it originated from. The artist is called Richard Shorty. Here is some information about him and some products that he produces. Richard Shorty has his own Facebook webpage. Richard's rings were only produced for a period of  six years (1985 -1991) and thus it becomes a rare collectors item !  I had been made an offer for the ring but I turned it down.

My other find is interesting as it's from WWII, it is a Heavy Gilt unmarked Italy Fascist Pilot Wing Badge found at a farm in Sawley. The badge is fully intact with clasp. I presume that it was discarded by a disgruntled Italian Pilot who was a P.O.W and had been working on the farm during the war. The badges are currently selling for $200 or more in the U.S.A and are quite a rareity in their own right because it is a pre 1943 badge. There is a badge on ebay that is identical and currently selling for $1,263.00 . The one on ebay has the name of the pilot, mine doesn't. Many thanks to Jill & Kris from for advice and information on this find.
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